G’ day every body

My name is horas pasaribu.
I was born in Garoga, north Tapanuli, one of the most beautiful village in the world
I really miss my home there.
In 1994 I finished my junior high school and cont. to senior high school in Soposurung Balige. In 1997 go to College, Bandung Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering “design and construction” and in 2001 graduate from BIT. Since 2009 continue to master degree of Mechanical Enginering in University of Indonesia.

Work Experiences : PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, PT United Tractors Engineering, KORINDO, PT Global, and finally to be a Public Servant in Energy and Natural Resources Department – General Directorate of Minerals, coal and geothermals, Sub Directorate Mining Safety – until now

Have 2 cute boys, Matthew (6 years and 7 months) and Andrew (4 year and 9 months) and also beautiful wife, Devy
(thanks God for the blessings)

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